Experience the electrifying Frankfurt

Time travel to the electrifying Frankfurt

TimeRide Frankfurt is the ideal opportunity for you – no matter if it’s a company party, a company outing or a Christmas party. Your visit lasts about one hour and takes you on a fascinating journey through time. Experience the pulsating life in the Main metropolis on the threshold of the modern age in the 19th century!
Small groups from 8 persons up to large groups of more than 100 persons, we have a place for everyone. Due to a sophisticated exhibition concept we are suitable for all groups and group sizes.

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Your visit The 3 stations

During your stay of about one hour you will go on a unique journey through time. At the side of the fictitious businessman Theodor Riedel, you will immerse yourself in the history of Frankfurt at three exciting stations.


The grocery store

Even then, Frankfurt was already flourishing as a flourishing trading city. In the midst of the magnificent colonial goods shop, you can experience the hustle and bustle of Frankfurt’s citizens with all your senses: Fragrant spices and exotic goods will transport you to a world long past in the original merchant’s room.


The study room

What ideas and ideals moved a proud Frankfurt bourgeois family? In the midst of the representative private library, the multifaceted panorama of the city history of Frankfurt and its inhabitants in the late 19th century unfolds.


The Virtual Reality Carriage Ride

The highlight of your time travel to the year 1891: On a virtual coach ride with Theodor Riedel you will experience once again the very special charm that the Main metropolis exuded before its destruction in the Second World War. With your VR glasses, you will enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the unique combination of medieval half-timbered ensemble and sublime Gründerzeit buildings. On your virtual foray you will accompany Theodor on his very personal day of fate: can he save the family legacy or will he lose everything? Whether ruin or triumph – the answer can be found on your time travel!


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