Embark on a virtual city tour of historic Berlin

Thirsting for an experience but can’t decide whether to join a city tour or go to a museum? Then just combine both and set off with TIMERIDE GO! Berlin into the past century!

Our 90-minute city tour takes you through the present-day streets of Berlin and turns back time at selected stops with virtual reality glasses – for a glimpse into the city’s exciting past.


Set out on an exciting city tour through historic Berlin.

History and modernity combined: a virtual city tour back to the 20th century

On the trail of the past in historic Berlin

A trip back to historic Berlin? Quite right. On our 90-minute city tour, our time travel companions will take you through the streets of Berlin and back to the 20th century. This is made possible by the portable time machines, our VR glasses, which are put on at the individual stations and show the respective places of the capital in the course of time.

On the road with TimeRide GO! through Berlin

The starting point of your tour is the TIMERIDE SENSEUM Berlin, right near the famous Checkpoint Charlie. Your time travel guide will explain the route of the city tour and the function of the VR glasses before you get started.

After that, you will experience Berlin in several time periods and can witness the transformation of the city from the headquarters of the empire to the division and reunification.

From the times of the emperor to the present

The first leap into the past takes you to the beginning of the 20th century. In Berlin of the imperial era you will become eyewitness:in Prussian state representation, composed of art, culture and militarism. Afterwards, you’ll go through a whole century of city history, with its ups and downs, before finding yourself back in present-day Berlin.

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More time travel in Berlin

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