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Status of our TimeRide’s:

TimeRide Cologne – opened!
TimeRide Dresden – opened!
TimeRide Berlin – opened!
TimeRide Munich – Reopening on 3rd July!
TimeRide Frankfurt – opened!

The safety and health of guests as well as of employees enjoy the highest priority at TimeRide GmbH.

TimeRide always meets high hygienic standards in the exhibition area. The following measures are consistently implemented in the shop premises:

  • The virtual reality glasses are thoroughly disinfected after each use before they are made available to a new guest.
  • Our disinfectant is also fully effective against corona and other influenza viruses according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    Common hygiene measures – such as regular hand washing – are again intensified by all employees.

Already purchased tickets and vouchers remain valid and can be used for
can be redeemed after the reopening of the TimeRide shop.

More information about the exact procedure will follow!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to!

For information about the latest developments during our opening hours please refer to our website and on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram).