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TimeRide GmbH

Büro in Köln
Alter Markt 36-42
50667 Köln

Büro in München
Gundelindenstr. 2
80805 München

Tel. +49 (0)221 9886 6330

Amtsgericht München – HRB 230450
Geschäftsführer: Jonas Rothe

Terms of Service

Appropriate for children aged 6 years or older. Children below 6 years will not be admitted.
Children aged 6-12 years may only use TimeRide VR Cöln when accompanied by an adult person.

In the case of heightened visitor traffic waiting times are to be expected. So please be on-site in good time. If you are late or loose your ticket we cannot guarantee admittance. TimeRide VR Cöln may prohibit admittance without further notice. Also TimeRide VR Cöln may change, shut down or remove any elements or devices for technical, operational or other reasons. In such cases we cannot refund entrance fees. Please read through the following visitor guidelines. Note the security guidelines for the usage of the Head Mounted Display (HMD), which you will use during your visit. These special guidelines are to help avoid or lower the risk of injuries, complaints and property damage.

Notes for visiting TimeRide VR Cöln

The usage of unauthorised devices, accessories or software can lead to injury or damage to you or other persons. Please stay seated during your ride.

Please do not use the HMD if you are tired, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, if you are suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms or generally fell unfit.

Please do not use the HMD if you are pregnant, already have a binoclular vision disorder, psychological symptoms, heart diseases or any other serious illnesses.

Further the use of HMDs can lead to spasmodic seizure or epilepsy even if such symptoms have not yet been diagnosed.

Children aged under 6 years may not use the HMD. The reason is, that there are no headsets sized for small children and improper fitting can favour health risks. Also Virtual-Reality-Scenes may not be adequately interpreted by small children. 

The headset produces an immersive virtual reality, that distracts you from actual reality and blocks your vision.

The headset can lead to balance issues.

Serious injury may result from stumbling, standing up, or hitting walls, furniture or other objects.

Stop the application immediately if the following symptoms occur: spasmodic seizures, unconsciousness, eyevision issues, eye and muscle twitching, involuntary movement, altered, blurred or double vision or other vision anomalies, vertigo, loss of orientation, balance issues, issues with hand-eye coordination, anomalous sweating, drooling, nausea, numbness, issues with the head or eyes, headache or pain in the eyes, sleepiness, tiredness or symptoms liking to sea sickness. 

Just as the symptoms that may be felt by some people after leaving a ship, the symptoms that may appear after experiencing virtual reality may last for some time or become apparent a few hours after application. Symptoms that may appear after experiencing virtual reality may be the ones mentioned above. Additionally you may feel excessive drowsiness and a reduced multi-taking capability. These symptoms can lead to an increased risk of injuries, if you are performing common tasks. 

If you suffer from the aforementioned symptoms do not operate vehicles and heavy machinery or engage in any tasks that demand special visual or physical performance and may have serious consequences (that means tasks in which the mentioned symptoms can lead to death, injury or property damage), or any other tasks that require good balance or hand-eye coordination (e.g. sports or cycling), as long as you have not fully recovered from any symptoms. 

Do not apply the HMD again before having recovered from all mentioned symptoms for at least several hours. Also, make sure that you have properly calibrated the goggles before using them again. 

Call on a doctor if you have serious or lasting symptoms. Repetitive Stress Injury: Usage of the device may lead to muscle- or joint-pain or to pain in the skin. If parts of your body feel weary or sore while using the goggles, or if you feel symptoms like tickling, numbness, burning or stiffness, pause the usage and rest for a few hours before using the goggles again. If during or after the usage the symptoms or other physical issues continue pause the usage and call on a doctor.

Loudspeakers with magnets and parts that emit radio waves are integrated into the HMDs. These can affect the function of electronic devices like pacemakers, hearing aids or defibrillators in the vicinity. Please use the HMD only after consulting a doctor or manufacturer of said devices. 

In spite of thorough cleaning of the goggles, the danger of infection with diseases (infections of the eye, skin or scalp) cannot be rued out. 

Touching or damaging technical equipment or exhibits is not allowed. During their stay parents, legal guardians, teachers and custodians are compelled to look after their children and make sure equipment or exhibits are not endangered. Visitors are liable for any damage caused. Parents and legal guardians are liable for any damage caused by their children.

TimeRide GmbH is not accountable for damage caused to private property during the visit at TimeRide VR Cöln. No responsibility is taken for wardrobe and private belongings.

Right of withdrawal

Please note that contracts over the purchase of tickets for leisure activities supposed for a specific date or time are not subject to a right of withdrawal. For you this means that there is no two week right to withdraw or return purchases.

October 2017