Your journey back through time The three stages

During your approximately 45-minute visit, you will be taken on a once-in-a-lifetime journey back in time. You will connect to Cologne’s history in three exciting stages.


Cöln Kaiserpanorma

Compare past and present in a selection of 3D pictures showing famous Cologne landmarks and places of interest. The collection features original old stereoscopic photographs, which create an illusion of depth – just like the Kaiserpanorama viewers that were popular around 1900. For many people, these photo viewing apparatuses, were the first and only way of capturing vivid impressions of faraway places and exotic cultures.


cöln Cinema

In our cinema you travel through Cologne’s eventful history – from its start in the Roman era through medieval and imperial times to the present day. The documentary film produced exclusively for TimeRide VR will give you an overview in a concise and easy-to-understand format. At the end, there will be a short, humorous video tutorial explaining how to use our VR headsets.


Cöln Virtual Reality Experience

Highlight of the exhibition: In a replica of the first electric tram, you can fully immerse yourself in the living past using a virtual reality headset. Embark on our 15-minute tour through the old city of Cologne as it looked before both World Wars. Enjoy the 360° panoramic view sitting directly next to the tram driver. Feeling a gentle breeze and smooth vibrations of the tram, revelling in the sights and sounds of the past, you can admire not only the stunning architecture but become a witness of this time period with all its flair.

Your journey back through time


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