Travel back in time to the old Frankfurt

Experience the history of the Main metropolis up close with Virtual Reality!

Embark on a thrilling journey through time with TimeRide and experience the pulsating life in the Main metropolis on the threshold to modernity in the 19th century.

With Virtual Reality, you experience the exciting time of change in the role of a venerable Frankfurt merchant – just as if you had been there yourself. Discover the roots of today’s trading metropolis with TimeRide!

Opening: Spring 2020


TimeRide Frankfurt
Berliner Straße 42a
60311 Frankfurt


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Your TimeRide The three stations

During your one-hour stay, you will embark on a unique journey through time.

At the side of the fictitious businessman Theodor Riedel, you will dive into Frankfurt’s history at three exciting stations.



The colonial goods store

Frankfurt was already flourishing as a flourishing trading city at that time. In the midst of the magnificent grocery store, you can experience the hustle and bustle of Frankfurt’s citizens with all your senses: fragrant spices and exotic goods take you into a world long past in the faithfully furnished shop.


The library

What ideas and ideals moved a proud Frankfurt bourgeois family? The multifaceted panorama of Frankfurt’s city history and its inhabitants at the end of the 19th century unfolds in the midst of the representative private library.


The Virtual-Reality Carriage Ride

The highlight of your journey back in time to 1891: On a virtual carriage ride with Theodor Riedel, you will once again experience the extraordinary charm that the Main metropolis radiated before its destruction in World War II. With your VR glasses, you can enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the unique combination of medieval half-timbered buildings and sublime Wilhelminian style buildings. On your virtual foray, you will accompany Theodor on his own personal day of fate: can he save the family’s legacy or will he lose everything? Whether ruin or triumph – the answer can be found on your journey through time!