With TimeRide you travel to eras long gone. A tour through the divided Berlin, a tour through the Cologne of the 20’s, a flight through 7,000 years of Bavarian epochs, a trip to baroque Dresden or a journey to the roots of the Frankfurt trading metropolis: TimeRide makes it possible.

Using state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, you become time travelers. Thanks to 360° panoramic views and multi-sensory staging, you will be completely immersed in a bygone world.

Turn your company celebration into an unforgettable experience.



Facts about the visit:

– Unique virtual reality experiences throughout Germany
– Exclusive events only for your employees in our locations
– Attractive group rates for groups of 8 or more
– Live city tours can be booked as a combination package
– Unbeatable value for money from €13.50 per person
– Tours in German and English

We are looking forward to meeting you!
If you have any questions about additional programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    One City - Two Worlds TimeRide Berlin

    Berlin, mid-1980s: A bus rolls up to Checkpoint Charlie, the guards blocking the way to check the passengers. The passengers are travelers to a bygone era – guests of TimeRide Berlin. Modern VR technology makes it possible not only to take a look at history, but to experience it firsthand.

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    The golden twenties TimeRide Köln

    Cologne in 1926: After the withdrawal of the British occupation troops, a long unknown euphoria spread among the people of Cologne. Witness the everyday life of the time and experience spontaneous celebrations of joy and improvised carnival parades that had previously been prohibited for years. Multisensory special effects and an emotional 360-degree panorama make the Cologne lifestyle of that time tangible.

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    Virtual city tour TimeRide GO! Köln

    Your personal guide will take you to the highlights of the old town in about 60 minutes. At various locations, you will experience important stages of Cologne’s 2000-year history up close in several virtual reality scenes. For this we stand at today’s real point of view and look through the VR glasses into the past – a perfect past-today comparison.

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    7,000 years of Bavarian history TimeRide München

    Travel through space and time in a “peacock car”? That sounds like a daring idea, but with TimeRide you actually take to the skies and experience 7,000 years of history above present-day Bavaria as if in fast motion. From the first human settlers to the fairy-tale king Ludwig II – on your VR time travel, you’ll experience history as closely as if you had been there yourself.

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    A pulsating time TimeRide Frankfurt

    Go on a thrilling journey through time with TimeRide and feel the pulsating life in the Main metropolis on the threshold of modernity in the 19th century. With virtual reality, you can experience the exciting time of upheaval at the side of a venerable Frankfurt merchant – just as if you had been there yourself. Discover the roots of today’s commercial metropolis with TimeRide!

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    The pompous time of the baroque TimeRide Dresden

    Ride in the golden carriage from the Wilsdruffer Vorstadt to the magnificent century wedding of Frederick August in the Zwinger. Travel back in time 300 years and experience the baroque Dresden with skin and hair. Anno 1719 – with us you will not only get to know the life of the people in the baroque era, you will become part of it! With augmented and virtual reality technology, you will be immersed in the almost perfect illusion of the “Florence on the Elbe” of the early 18th century.

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    Virtual city tour TimeRide GO! Dresden

    Your personal guide will take you on a 2.5-kilometer tour through 400 years of Dresden’s history in about 60 minutes. At several stations, you can directly compare today’s reality with the past thanks to the view through virtual reality glasses. The virtual reality enables a 360° panoramic view, which is accompanied by your guide with many interesting and emotional stories.

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