Frequently asked questions

No need to worry! You wear the VR headsets like you would diving goggles, except that the headsets have two miniature TVs integrated for the eyes.

Yes, in most cases; exceptions include very large glasses such as aviator sunglasses that do not fit inside the VR headset.

People wearing varifocals should take them off before the tour or replace them with single-vision glasses.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide access for wheelchair users to our historical train. Nevertheless, up to two wheelchair users can take part in the VR ride. Please inform us in advance so that we can set up everything.

In principle, no. Three steps must be climbed in order to take part in a ride on the historical train.  In the meantime, the walker can be parked in the store or folded and stowed away. Feel free to contact us in advance so we can prepare for your visit.

Persons with a severely disabled pass and a degree of disability of 70% are admitted at a reduced price. With the addition “B” in the ID card, an accompanying person receives free admission to the exhibition. During the VR tour, the accompanying person does not take part in the VR tour, but is responsible for supervision.

This regulation applies to pre sold tickets as well as to the box office.

Not at all. In hundreds of test rides, nobody has suffered from any serious motion sickness. Firstly, our VR ride is relatively slow; secondly, vibrations and the feeling of the wind rushing through your hair as you are transported along ensure that visitors experience a highly realistic sense of motion. This eliminates the main factors contributing to motion sickness.

We offer several tours per day, which are in English. Both the address of our staff and the VR experience will be in English. So make sure to book the desired language when you make your reservation.

Children aged 6 and upwards can take part in the VR tours provided that they are accompanied by an adult. Children younger than 6 are unfortunately unable to take part.

Hold the VR headset like a pair of binoculars and move it vertically upwards and then back down without moving your head until you find the sharpest point.

The VR headset has a fixed focal point, which can vary from person to person.

We offer reservations only for groups of 8 or more. Please use our form to make a group booking. We do not take reservations by telephone.

For smaller groups, please buy advance tickets online or directly in our shop.

Dogs are not allowed, because the supervision during the VR-Experience cannot be guaranteed.

We are a permanent fixture in Cologne.

You visit will last between 45 and 50 minutes.


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