The Story of Germany

Go on a time travel through German history with TimeRide!

Starting in November, we will be offering “The Story of Germany” in addition to the virtual excursion Berlin 1985.

You can take a virtual journey through the history of Germany with mobile VR glasses. Thanks to virtual reality, you will experience milestones of German history from the Romans in Cologne to the fall of the Wall in Berlin. The virtual tour lasts around 10 minutes and, thanks to 360-degree moving image scenes, provides an emotional and impressive overview of formative events in German history.

The Germany Time Travel takes place with mobile VR glasses in front of the TimeRide Senseum; it can be booked in combination with the Time Travel to Divided Berlin or as a stand-alone VR experience.

Prices for „The Story of Germany“

10 € Regular
8 € Discounted
(children (6-14 years), pupils, students and trainees, FSJ (Voluntary Social Year), FWD (Voluntary Military Service), severely disabled persons (from GdB 70), companion severely disabled persons (B))

Please note that the Story of Germany product is now only available to purchase on-site and not on our online ticket shop. Please inquire directly at our on-site ticket shop if you are interested in experiencing this time travel experience

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