Immerse yourself into the divided Berlin

One City – Two Worlds

Berlin, mid-1980s: A bus rolls up to Checkpoint Charlie. The guards are blocking its way. The passengers are travelers to a bygone era – guests of TimeRide Berlin. Modern VR technology makes it possible not only to take a look at history, but to experience it firsthand.

Your Time Travel In Three Stations

During your one-hour stay, you will embark on a unique journey through time. Three exciting stations will take you to the divided Berlin!


Berlin Catch a Glimpse through the Berlin Wall

The visit starts with the first station: a literal look through the Wall. What was everyday life like in the West, how did people live in the East? A look at the respective sides reveals completely contrasting lifeworlds.


Berlin The Eyewitnesses

The following room focuses on personal life stories. Oversized passports illustrate how many different fates there were in divided Berlin. Everyone dealt with the separation and the political oppression in an individual way.
The highlight: Guests can then choose with whom they would like to embark on their VR journey through time – the rebellious craftsman, the reflective architect or the maladjusted border crosser from the West.


Berlin The Virtual Reality Ride

The best for last: the VR tour through divided Berlin. The visitors take a seat in a bus of the 80s and set off into another time thanks to virtual reality technology. During the city tour, the time travelers experience a border control at Checkpoint Charlie, drive along Friedrichstrasse and see the Palace of the Republic shining in its former glory. At the end of the tour, original images of the fall of the Berlin Wall remind us why this event still has such a deep impact on Germany today.


Zimmerstra├če 91, 10117 Berlin

0049 30 – 310 11 300


Opening hours:
Saturday: 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Last admission: 5:30 p.m.

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